About the HU-GO charging system

The new system complies with the technical requirements of the European Union and is compatible with the directives of the European Electronic Road Toll Service (SETRE).

The HU-GO toll system is a road toll payment service for which there are a number of steps required to pay the HU-GO toll electronically. This was implemented in Hungary by NÚSZ, the company that manages the payment of road tolls. The online payment process for the Hungary vignette involves registering the vehicle in the hu-go.hu system, funding the respective account, and the tax will be withdrawn automatically.

How is the tax for the Hungary vignette calculated?

The Hungarian road tax payment system applies to vehicles whose maximum permissible gross weight exceeds 3.5 tonnes and is calculated according to the following:

  1. Vehicle category:
  2. Hungary vignette road category:
Hungary road vignette category

3. Pollution standard vignette Hungary:

Vignette Pollution Rule Hungary

How to pay the Hungarian road tax or vignette via HU-GO

CargoTrack meets this need for Hungary Online vignette payment by creating an automatic payment system that incorporates OBU in the flow of payments to the Hungarian state. The customer creates an account on the Hu-GO.hu website and electronically deposits funds from which payments for the Hungary vignette will be withdrawn. Then, with the OBU connected to the online platform we offer, the process is automated. The customer no longer has to determine the route in advance, and the payments for the road tax in Hungary are made automatically, for each vehicle, on all categories of roads it transits.

To complete the Hungarian road tax payment process, the following steps will be taken:

  1. A unique id is generated for each GPS device for which HU-GO is desired;
  2. An account is created on the HU-GO platform;
  3. You will load your own virtual account with the money needed to pay the taxes for the Hungary vignette;
  4. Add vehicles with complete information (number of axles, pollution rate, etc.)



HU-GO transfers the responsibility of the correctness of the payment to the customer so you have both the HU-GO interface and the CargoTrack app available to observe any problems in charging. Also, to be able to make this charge, you need the GPS equipment that you can purchase here.

It is very important to check if:

  • The data entered in the HU-GO system for the payment of Hungarian road tolls are correct and up-to-date;
  • The HU-GO alert function for paying the Hungary vignette is activated and the contact details are correct;
  • In the HU-GO account you have the necessary amount available in the HU-GO account for the payment of tolls of the planned routes;
  • The GPS equipment is working properly;
  • Drivers do not use GPS jamming systems;


Penalties for non-payment of road tax Hungary

Within the HU-GO electronic road tax system, National Toll Payment Services has an activity to support checks through the fixed check portals of the toll road network, and with the help of mobile data collection vehicles. The verification of the payment of road taxes in Hungary is done permanently, the system notifying instantly if the vehicle in question has the right to use the roads.

The range of fines for non-payment of road tax in Hungary is between HUF 24,000 and HUF 165,000 (€70 – €470), the following table contains the penalty amounts, determined according to the vehicle category, the type of offense and the time slots:

The cases in which you can easily receive fines for not paying the road tax in Hungary are:

  • Failure to pay the road tax before starting to use the roads;
  • A declaration has been made for a vehicle tax or environmental category lower than the actual one;
  • The on-board device appears, when using the roads, in the record of invalid devices


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