CargoTrack supports transport companies that want to automate internal processes, especially those related to the transport of goods. So it adopts a new module in its platform, namely “Planning car routes and tasks”

What does this module offer?

The auto route and task planning solution improves the order delivery process by automating route planning and task management. It is the ideal system through which the transition from manual operations to an automated, efficient and cost-effective process can be achieved.

Also, using this solution you can avoid mistakes and reduce costs by avoiding excessive human interaction and hundreds of manual operations.

How can the car route planning solution help?

The purpose of this car route planning solution is to improve the order delivery process by automating the planning of routes and driver tasks, in this sense the new module comes with the following advantages:

  • Generate the most optimal route;
  • Real-time monitoring of any changes to the route;
  • Available on both mobile and desktop;
  • Generate accurate information for analysis;
  • Dispatchers do not need to communicate with drivers all the time to transmit tasks or receive updates;
  • Dispatchers can monitor the status of shipments and loads and report them to the shipper in real time;
  • The estimated arrival time is calculated automatically;
  • Automatic choice of the most optimal route;

Main functionalities


  • The points specified by you on the map are transformed into the most optimal routes;
  • You can choose up to three suggested routes and delivery times;
  • One can easily change the route, assign the vehicle and add notes for the driver;


  • You can consult the latest information about the estimated time of arrival (calculations in real time);
  • Monitor driver status, task and route progress in a separate window;
  • You are informed if your delivery arrives on time;


  • You can calculate the delivery costs;
  • Monitor driver behavior and driving time violations;
  • You have the chance to identify the best routes and drivers;

Also, to fully enhance the functionality offered by this app we have included the latest update and Google Maps integration, which makes route planning more accurate and task management more accessible.

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