If you own a fleet of trucks, then surely you often wonder how you can improve and streamline the operation of your business. Well, a handy and extremely useful solution is to install a GPS car tracking device in each of your trucks.

In this way, you will be able to have a much more efficient management of your business activity and more than that, you will have a much greater control over the way the vehicles are used and the working hours of the drivers.

In this article, we will introduce you to 7 of the most important aspects that make it worth installing a car GPS tracking system for any of your trucks.

1. Real-time location of the truck

A GPS car tracking device gives you the ability to track trucks in real time, with exact data on their location.

This helps you have a clear picture of the location of each vehicle, giving you greater control over your entire fleet.

Whether you need to check your route, monitor your speed or prevent deviations from your route, the GPS car tracker provides you with accurate and up-to-date information directly within the application developed by the supplier.

2. Route optimization

Another benefit of GPS car tracking is that dispatchers can generate real-time tailored routes for drivers to avoid traffic, jams or accidents.

With the help of real-time data, dispatchers can identify the shortest and most efficient routes for each trip, according to the traffic situation at any given time.

Thus, you will be able to save considerable time and fuel, and the transports will be carried out promptly, offering professional services to your customers.

3. Monitoring the behavior of drivers

Depending on your GPS monitoring partner, you can opt to have certain parameters with your GPS car tracking device to analyze the behavior of your drivers.

This includes issues such as driving speed, sudden braking or excessive acceleration. By evaluating this data, you can provide feedback to drivers to improve road safety, to reduce the risk of accidents, but also to ensure much better maintenance of your vehicles

4. Safety of vehicles and cargo

Another important reason to install a GPS car tracking device in your trucks is to generate much greater safety for the vehicle and the cargo being transported.

In case of theft, you can quickly locate the vehicle and take immediate action to resolve the situation. This helps to reduce the risk of significant financial losses and to be able to act immediately, regardless of the moment.

5. Effective maintenance management

GPS car tracking devices can be used to monitor and manage vehicle maintenance.

This includes tracking mileage, service intervals and other maintenance issues. By effectively tracking and managing these details, you can reduce maintenance costs.

Moreover, within the CargoTrack application, you can effectively set any reminder regarding certain technical maintenance that you have to do for each individual vehicle. You can also set alarms for insurance renewals, inspections or oil changes.

6. Fuel consumption control

Another very important aspect given by a GPS car tracker is that it gives you data on fuel consumption.

By installing a liter gauge in the tank of the truck, you can have control over fuel consumption and avoid related thefts.

With the services offered by CargoTrack, you have complete data and reports to manage your fuel costs more efficiently.

7. Compliance with legal regulations and norms

The transportation industry is subject to strict legal regulations.

A GPS car tracking device can help comply with these regulations. You can monitor and record drivers’ driving and rest time, making sure they follow safety rules and legal limits.

In this sense, you can avoid fines regarding the documentation.

In addition, CargoTrack offers you the possibility of remote download of data from the tachograph, giving you better management and efficient document management.

The CargoTrack solution for a GPS car tracking

It is essential to get support in choosing a GPS car tracking device to make the best decision and benefit in the long run.

Our team is here to help you. We offer free consultation to guide your choices based on your business needs and requirements.

In addition, we offer free installation in any location in Romania and Europe, thus eliminating additional costs.

We have the highest quality GPS equipment available and offer service with no contract periods. Thus, you can effectively manage any problem and have the freedom to opt out of the CargoTrack service at any time.

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