Courage, experiments, research, achievements, sometimes failures that built and matured us. We always started from scratch and grew alongside you, our partners. We look back at the 10 years since the CargoTrack company came into being. We had no idea at “ground zero” how challenging and exciting this journey would be.

It wasn’t always easy, but we managed to overcome the obstacles and build a gang of “smart & cool” people. We share the same values together, we constantly build great and innovative solutions together with our partners. On the occasion of the company’s anniversary, I had a short talk with Răzvan Perticaș, the CEO and architect of the CargoTrack product suite.

How would you describe CargoTrack’s first decade?

Răzvan Perticaș: “It was an intense 10 years, which passed extremely quickly. I have invested a lot in the team I have built and I have tried to make sure that we all adhere unanimously to the same value system.

Why do we do what we do?

Why does what we do matter?

These are questions that at first glance may seem simple, but they are based on answers that are often difficult to find. The solution comes with professional maturity and dedication to our work.

I know and I’m glad we got to the point where we know why we do what we do. Things evolved natively, out of a desire not to disappoint any of our partners. In the field in which we operate, challenges arise constantly and I can say that I have grown alongside them. We found out their needs, we learned from them and together with them what are the main needs of the transport sector.

In addition, I can say that from the very beginning there was a “code of ethics” from which no one deviated during this decade: trust, good faith, commitment. It is an unwritten law that has held us all together and at the same time held us accountable. “

What have been the biggest challenges for the company during this time?

Răzvan Perticaș: “Building a team of professionals involves a series of costs: financial, time, energy. It’s a hassle that not many people own. We took it on with great joy, because we knew that the “story” of CargoTrack needed value, very good people who mastered the field of activity. Time proved that the investment was auspicious and we reached the level we aimed for from day one.

Another challenge is the power to clearly delineate priorities. You have to know when to say “no”, you have to know when to refuse. It is a difficult but necessary process. Otherwise, it can create an extremely dangerous and damaging trap for both the company and the customers.

In addition, like any outsourcing firm, there are a number of risks that we have assumed in the process of “building” the products that we offer. I think what kept us determined was the constant desire to learn new things, the courage to experiment, to make mistakes sometimes and to get back on our feet in a very short time.”

What do you want CargoTrack to become?

Răzvan Perțicaș: “Our plans are many and grand. We will reveal them along the way and I am sure that they are all channeled towards fully digitizing the operational flows of carriers in Romania.

Given that during these ten years we have generally worked for the domestic transport market, we obviously want, in time, to focus our attention on the international market as well.

CargoTrack offers efficiency, traceability and I’m sure it can help fleet managers or people working in the field of transport to eliminate the classic way of working based on track files or excels. We live in the age of innovation, so workflows can be clarified and organized only by digitizing processes. In short, I want the solution we’ve built to become the primary ‘work tool’ of carriers.”

Why should what we at CargoTrack do for the shipping industry matter?

Răzvan Perțicaș: “CargoTrack is not a “panacea” for carriers, it is only a primary ingredient for their path to success.

But we knew from the start that through continued expertise, we could provide a solution to challenge existing industry practices and take them to the next level.

CargoTrack’s suite of products is efficient for fleet managers and efficient for employees. We’re streamlining workflows and solving the problems that carriers have faced so far.

We believe in success without glitter! Success means customer satisfaction, courage, experimentation and continuous work. These are the aspects that separate the good from the very good!”

Have a productive new year, CargoTrack!

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