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GPS accessories

Voice communication equipment

About voice communication equipment

In a number of industries, the success of a company’s operations relies on workers who can communicate effectively and quickly at any time with multiple parties.

Examples of this are the transport and logistics companies that are in great need of these systems.

Voice communication equipment has its advantages over a traditional mobile phone or landline, because with its help, direct and instant communications can be made using radio frequencies that are free for all users.

The push-to-talk receiver is designed to enable communication between the driver and the dispatcher on a voice channel.

The device does not require any additional sim card, it works directly with the card in the GPS equipment. The voice signal is transmitted via GSM.

The equipment has the advantage of being easy to install, being a Plug&Play device.

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Detalii echipament

Fișă tehnică Echipament de comunicare prin voce

Descoperă specificațiile tehnice ale echipamentului de comunicare prin voce și eficientizează-ți afacerea cu CargoTrack!

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