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Literometric probe

The CargoTrack fuel gauge is developed and manufactured for fuel management – fuel level monitoring, fuel consumption and fuel theft prevention.

The advanced system, solid construction and easy installation make the probe perfect for all fuel monitoring and control tasks.

The litrometric probe is available in standard and advanced versions, and the same probe can be used with our Premium GPS monitoring equipment.

The liter probe is intended for measuring the level of fuel in containers and fuel tanks of vehicles. The sensor can be used with equipment that supports the CargoTrack unified communication protocol.

The sensor has electronic galvanic isolation through the interface and power circuits. The measurement of the fuel level is provided by a measuring head together with the probe immersed in the fuel, which acts as a capacitor, the capacity of which depends linearly on the level of fuel in a tank.

The sensor is intended for measuring the fuel level in vehicle fuel tanks and stationary fuel tanks.

  • High accuracy of the sensor, linearity, stability at any temperature;
  • Calibration table inside the sensor head. Allows data transfer directly in liters;
  • Galvanic isolation. Protects the sensor head from overvoltages;
  • Monolithic construction;
  • Wide range of possible probe length from 15 to 300 cm;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Digital and analogue measurement;
  • Analog interfaces /RS232/RS485;
  • Probe length 300 – 750 mm;
  • IP68 certified;
  • Galvanic isolation;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • Dry and wet calibration;
  • Inclinometer;
  • Remote configuration and updates;
  • Fuel tank report;
  • Fuel control mode;
  • Fuel Level Reports;
  • Fuel alerts;
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Equipment details

Technical sheet Litrometric Probe

Download the technical sheet and discover all the specifications of the literometric probe. Any additional information you need, CargoTrack specialists are at your disposal!

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