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GPS Monitoring Device FM-Tco > FM-Tco HCV5

GPS Monitoring Device FM-Tco HCV5 – the most advanced GPS monitoring equipment for trucks, buses, agriculture and other specialized machines, for example: construction or forestry.

GPS monitoring equipment FM-Tco HCV5 is designed for vehicle tracking and can perform advanced tasks such as reading on-board computer (CAN) data, monitoring driver behavior , remote download of tachograph and driver card data, accurate fuel monitoring, fuel probes can also be added for even more accurate fuel monitoring.

  • Real-time location
  • Route
  • Speed
  • History
  • Route deviation
  • Hot Spots/Geozone Report
  • Top Speed
  • Location Sharing
  • Low supply voltage alert
  • Fleet and drivers document management module
  • Reports available with this GPS monitoring equipment
  • Roadmap
  • Day/night ratio
  • Activity report by country
  • Activity report by country
  • Custom Reports
  • Fuel Level Reports
  • Synthesis reports
  • Tachograph

For greater accuracy regarding fuel consumption and refueling, we recommend together with this FM-Tco HCV5 GPS monitoring equipment and literometer probes, which are compatible with all the equipment shown above

  • Real-time monitoring of fleets and goods
  • Fleet efficiency optimization
  • Driver behavior monitoring and education
  • Ensures the safety and security of the driver, vehicle and cargo
  • Fuel monitoring
  • Monitoring of cargo conditions
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Trailer Tracking and Data Readout (EBS)
  • Remote reading of tachograph data
  • Accident detection and reconstruction
  • Stolen vehicle recovery
  • Driver identification
  • Selection of business and private trips
  • Car sharing solution
  • LTE-M connectivity with 2G fallback
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • 2xCAN, K-line for reading OBD and CAN data
  • 1050 mAh internal backup battery
  • Remote reading of tachograph data
  • U-blox GNSS module
  • 4xDIN, 4xAIN, 4XDOUT, 1 wire
  • Internal memory (8 MB) + SD card slot
  • Spoofing and blocking detection
  • Internal and external GNSS antennas (opt.).
  • BLE 5.1
  • 2x RS232, 1x RS485
  • Transparent channel RS232/RS485
  • Configuration FW SMS/GPRS (FOTA)/USB
  • Reading owner vehicle data
  • Concealed OBD installation using splitter harnesses
  • Wide coverage of vehicle models
  • Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
  • Power supply 9-32V DC
  • Ergonomic size 101 x 74 x 23 mm
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Industry compatibility

The equipment is compatible with the following industries

Monitorizare GPS Distribuție și Curierat

GPS monitoring Distribution and Courier

In the field of distribution and courier services, there are two benchmarks by which the quality of the service is measured: the delivery time and the condition of the delivered goods...

Monitorizare GPS transport persoane

GPS Monitoring Passenger Transport

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Monitorizare GPS transport marfa si logistica

GPS Monitoring, Cargo Transport and Logistics

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Equipment details

Technical sheet HCV5

We provide you with all the information about the Cargo HCV5 equipment, and for any additional information, the CargoTrack specialists are at your disposal!
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