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GPS accessories

Company tachograph card reader

About the tachograph card reader company

The card reader offered by CargoTrack allows remote connection to the tachograph in the vehicle to download the data from the driver’s card and forward it to the CagoTrack platform.

What is and how does a company tachograph card reader work?

The card reader records the driver’s activity times – driving, rest, breaks, etc. records the information and stores it in the tachograph.

The card has the possibility to block the data recorded in the tachograph to prevent information theft or simply for their safety. This is especially important when the vehicles in your fleet are sold or simply leased.

A company tachograph card reader also allows you to remotely download information from the tachograph so you can perform checks on data such as drivers’ driving or break times.


The data obtained are in a format adopted at the level of all European states, (.ddd).


It should be noted that if you wait too long until the data is read, you will risk fines between €100 – €4400 per violation per tachograph.

What benefits can this a company tachograph card reader bring you?

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