Choose eTMS transport – Solution no. 1 for streamlining the activity of transport companies

The digitization of transport is a current topic of great interest for transport companies who have understood that they cannot increase the efficiency of their business, employees and have a future perspective without a digital solution that streamlines their daily work.

What is an eTMS?

A transportation management system (TMS) is a logistics platform that uses cutting-edge technology to help companies more easily plan, manage and optimize daily activities whether they have a fleet of 1 or 100 vehicles.

Why is an eTMS needed?

From CargoTrack‘s research of over 100 fleet managers and dispatchers, we concluded that many of them are still using outdated and less productive methods when it comes to managing their fleet, such as: organizing orders and of races using Microsoft Excel, notebook or various online / mobile applications.

The “harmful” effects of these inefficient practices can translate into: lack of time for business development, disorganized work and wasted time on routine tasks.

Why does every transport company need an eTMS?

The eTMS is the ideal platform for transport companies who have understood that success in this field is influenced by the degree of digitization.

In order to work more efficiently, an eTMS platform provides carriers with solutions such as:

  • Clear record of transport orders;
  • Simplifying the invoicing and control process;
  • Creating an optimal route according to the type of vehicle owned;
  • Highlighting deviations from the planned route;
  • Calculation of driver productivity;
  • Automatic management of collections and notification of suppliers in case of non-payment;
  • Control over the activity of dispatchers and drivers;
  • The possibility to customize the eTMS solution according to the specifics of each company’s activity;

All these solutions and more, you find them in an eTMS like ours – the CargoTrack eTMS.

Increasing the satisfaction of dispatchers and drivers through eTMS transport

From our studies we discovered that 6 out of 10 dispatchers would choose a company that actively uses an eTMS platform for the simple fact that it makes their daily work easier and gets rid of routine activities: they no longer send routes to customers, they no longer communicate route deviations, manage rides and plan routes more easily or bill customers with a single click.

It has been observed that drivers also indirectly benefit from using an eTMS platform because they receive clearer routes and tasks from the dispatcher.

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