CargoTrack Solutions offers a range of customizable services specially designed for transporters, such as GPS monitoring and control, fuel monitoring, financial and legal advisory services, transport management system, as well as the Hu-GO automatic toll payment service by road in Hungary, which we will focus on in this article.

Do you find paying road taxes in Hungary and Bulgaria a long and complicated process?

Transporters who frequently transit countries like Hungary or Bulgaria often run into the complicated system of road tax payment. In addition to the fact that this problem is time-consuming, requires the purchase of fixed-route tickets and creates inflexibility, the fines can amount to tens of thousands of euros per year. This is an aspect that brings with it a lot of problems, such as increased operational costs and low efficiency.

Get rid of fines and leave the care of paying the road tax in Hungary and Bulgaria to us! With the CargoToll-HU and CargoToll-BG services offered by CargoTrack, you pay road tolls automatically, without having to plan your route in advance.

An effective alternative to simplify the processes of carriers transiting Hungary and Bulgaria, and eliminates the problem of buying fixed-route tickets at kiosks and changing routes in case of traffic jams.

Solve the problem in 3 steps:

  1. OBU device installed

An OBU device is installed, which records and transmits in real time the data related to the road categories traveled. By using these equipments, advance route planning is eliminated and the exact amount due for the roads traveled will be paid.

  1. Hu-GO & BGTOLL account

Accounts are created for these platforms where funds are pre-loaded, from which payments are made automatically, based on the data transmitted by the OBU device.

  1. Your account is monitored 24/7

CargoTrack operators constantly check the status of your account and you will be notified when its balance falls below the threshold set by you, so that you do not have unpleasant surprises.

  1. Our guarantee

As long as your account has the amount required for the transit and you still received a fine, we pay it.

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