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PlugTrack is a Plug&Play device that connects to the vehicle’s OBD socket. It is designed to monitor their activity, protect them against theft or read engine fault codes for cars equipped with the OBD-II interface.

The equipment is installed simply and quickly, without the need for technical knowledge, also the biggest advantage of this equipment is the fact that you do not have to immobilize the vehicle for installation, thus saving time and money.

PlugTrack is a GPS tracking system that can be assigned to a single person. But its big advantage is that it can be moved from one car to another if your drivers take turns using the company cars. Thus you have the possibility of monitoring their activity regardless of which car is being driven.

In exceptional cases where the vehicle is stolen, the equipment dismantled or if it has left the area intended for it, you will be alerted automatically, immediately, through the application or by e-mail.

In addition, for your safety, the equipment benefits from an internal microphone that gives you the possibility to listen to the conversations in the car, thus providing additional protection.

You can also receive another similar alert if the vehicle is towed, giving you the opportunity to react immediately.

Another functionality designed for your business, is the possibility that with this PlugTrack equipment you can read the error codes from the engine through the OBD-II interface allowing you to carry out diagnostics for your vehicles in order to check the condition of the engine remotely , at no additional cost.

Using this functionality you can save time and prevent vehicle breakdowns.

  • Vehicle monitoring with super fast and easy installation;
  • Reducing operational costs and increasing productivity;
  • Fleet improvement with driver monitoring;
  • Provides data on: vehicle location, history, mileage, speed monitoring;
  • Monitoring driver behavior;
  • Detect vehicle traction;
  • Detect possible accidents.
  • Real-time fleet monitoring
  • Fleet efficiency optimization
  • Monitoring driver behavior
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Accident detection
  • Driver identification
  • 2G connectivity
  • 3-axis accelerometer
  • Plug Installation & Play
  • Internal backup battery of 190 mAh
  • Internal GNSS and cellular antennas
  • U-blox GNSS module
  • Power supply 10-32V DC
  • Operating temperature -35 °C to +60 °C
  • Internal memory 4 MB
  • Configuration FW SMS/GPRS (FOTA)/USB
  • Read basic OBD and DTC data
  • Small size 63 x 52 x 28 mm
Industry compatibility

The equipment is compatible with the following industries

Monitorizare GPS Distribuție și Curierat

GPS monitoring Distribution and Courier

In the field of distribution and courier services, there are two benchmarks by which the quality of the provided service is measured: delivery time and...

Monitorizare GPS Leasing și Car Rental

GPS Leasing and Car Rental monitoring

In the field of Leasing or that of car rentals, the efficiency of the monitoring system has as a direct benefit the reduction of risk....

Monitorizare GPS utilaje speciale

GPS Monitoring Special Equipment

Fields of activity that require the use of special machinery, such as forklifts, generally have a strict set of operating rules, and this requires….

Equipment details

PlugTrack data sheet

We provide you with all information about PlugTrack equipment, and for any additional information, CargoTrack specialists are at your disposal!

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