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Trailer equipment

GPS Equipment Trailers

CargoTrack equipment is a product specially designed for heavy vehicles, including trailers, tankers, refrigerated trucks and flatbed trucks. Its rugged and waterproof design ensures the product’s reliability when installed in the harsh environments often found in heavy transport, such as fuel and chemical transport. CargoTrack equipment can operate for up to three months without external power, making it ideal for tracking trailers even when they are disconnected. The wide range of pre-integrated wired and wireless accessories provided by CargoTrack allows users to apply this equipment in various industries. In addition, this product supports dual power supplies when mounted on refrigerated trailers, and the serial interface is designed for integration with refrigeration unit protocols.

  • LTE connectivity: the equipment is specially designed to offer LTE connectivity, ensuring efficient and fast communication.
  • Heavy Duty Vehicle Compatibility: Designed for use in heavy duty vehicles including trailers, tankers, refrigerated trucks and flatbed trucks.
  • Robust and Water Resistant Design: Ensures the durability of the product in harsh conditions, making it ideal for harsh environments found in heavy transport, such as fuel and chemical transport.
  • External Power Independent Operation: Capable of operating for up to three months without requiring external power, making it ideal for tracking trailers even when disconnected.
  • Pre-Integrated Wired and Wireless Accessories: Includes a wide range of pre-integrated accessories, supplied by Queclink or selected partners, for adaptability in various fleet industries.
  • Support for Dual Power Supplies: Compatible with dual power supplies, especially useful when mounted on refrigerated trailers.
  • Integratable Serial Interface: Designed to integrate with refrigeration unit protocols, thus providing flexibility in use.
  • Wide Applications in Various Industries: Suitable for a wide range of applications in various fleet industries due to its versatility and robust features.
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Truck Trailers: Track the position and status of trailers in real-time, which is essential for efficient fleet management.
  • Tracking of Tankers and Chemical Transportation: Used to ensure security and compliance in the transportation of fuel and chemicals by constantly monitoring the location and conditions of transportation.
  • Refrigerated Truck Monitoring: Ensures the integrity of perishable products by constantly tracking the location and environmental conditions inside refrigerated trucks.
  • Flatbed Truck Fleet Management: Provides valuable information for optimizing routes and schedules, as well as monitoring vehicle health.
  • Theft Detection and Prevention: By using internal G-sensors and alarms, CargoTrack equipment can help detect unauthorized movements of vehicles and trailers, thus helping to prevent theft.
  • Monitoring Transport Conditions: With the help of pre-integrated accessories, CargoTrack equipment can monitor transport conditions such as temperature, humidity and other important variables for certain types of cargo.
  • Vehicle Tracking in Areas Without External Power: Ideal for monitoring trailers or vehicles that are stationary for long periods, thanks to its ability to operate for up to three months without external power.
  • Integration with Refrigeration Unit Protocols: Useful to ensure that refrigeration units operate correctly and maintain the conditions required for sensitive loads.
  • Optimizing Fleet Utilization and Maintenance: Collecting data on vehicle usage and technical condition can help plan maintenance more efficiently and reduce operational costs.
  • Dimensions: 138 × 66 × 38 mm 5.43''(L) × 2.60''(W) × 1.50''(H)
  • Weight: 320g (11.29oz)
  • Battery backup: 2×18650 Li-ion battery, 3.7V, 5800mAH
  • Internal G sensor: Used for speed alarm and motion alarm
  • Wait time: 120 days, reports a location and is online 15 minutes a day
  • Water resistant: According to IP67
  • Operating voltage: DC 8V to 32V
  • Operating temperature: -30℃~+80℃
  • Charging temperature: +10℃~+45℃
  • BLE: Supports BLE 5.0 protocol
Industry compatibility

The equipment is compatible with the following industries

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Equipment details

Technical data sheet GPS equipment Trailers

Discover now the specifications of GPS equipment specially designed for trailers and take advantage of the latest technologies!

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