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eTMS App - Transporter

The eTMS App optimizes the order creation and shipping process. Save your dispatchers time and automate the way you allocate…
Aplicația eTMS - Transportator - eTMS App | CargoTrack - Casă de Expediții

About the eTMS App – Carrier application

The eTMS application for carriers optimizes both the process of creating an order and the entire transportation process. The major benefit that you can get by using this application is saving the time of the dispatchers who thus have more availability to look for profitable rides.

The great advantage of this application is the fact that you can create an order in just 5 simple steps, namely:

  1. You enter the loading and unloading address, with the option to go on toll or toll-free roads.
  2. You automatically get quotes for the trip, based on the information entered in point 1. (at the time of creating the trip in eTMS, all information about the route is automatically stored in the application).
  3. Once the transport order is accepted, the information about the partner from which you took the ride, the company from which you are loading, the place of unloading and the details of the load must be added.
  4. Information about the trip is automatically transmitted to the driver at the push of a button. These will be available to him through the CargoTrack mobile application or through an SMS (if he cannot use the application).
  5. Once the race is completed and the related documentation obtained, the invoice must be issued. This is generated automatically with a single button press.

So, through the eTMS app, we offer you another benefit attached to this module, namely the fact that the entire transport process is also automated.

Also here the dispatcher can activate an alert to be automatically notified when the driver deviates from the route or arrives at the load. Also, the customer can receive at a certain time interval, the position and status of the vehicle by e-mail or SMS precisely to increase confidence in your services.

Through the eTMS application, you can also register for each order with which type of vehicle you want to make it: with your personal vehicles or to intermediate it through another carrier. An order to be brokered is sent with a simple button directly to the carrier who is to carry out this transport.

Application beneftis:

  • Automation of the quotation process;
  • Reduction of time for producing quotations;
  • Streamlining and simplifying processes;
  • Reduction of personnel costs.

Frequently encountered problems

Let’s say you have a car that is looking for a load on a particular freight exchange. Obviously more quotes will be needed for this race. It is important that all these quotations are made in good faith. That is, the exact location of the vehicle must be known, how many kilometers and time it has until loading, and then until unloading.

Benefits obtained

Automation of the quotation process
Reduction of time to produce quotations
Streamlining and simplifying processes
Reduction of personnel costs

By opting for this application, you have the chance to increase the transparency of your activity thus increasing the trust of your partners in your services. If you’re wondering how this is done, it’s actually very simple! It is done through an in-app access account provided to each carrier partner. Here the routes based on which the quotations were made and the routes followed by the drivers will be visible to him.

So, using this application there will be no more discussions about the difference between invoiced and actual kilometers. Any deviations from the original route that was communicated in the transport order as well as in the SMS, will be justified through access to the digital map.

At the same time, a plus that this module gives is the fact that once the order is confirmed, it can also be sent to the transport company.


Compatible with other modules:

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