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eTDS Application - EKAER Statements

Get EKAER number through eTDS app in the easiest way!

Aplicația eTDS - Declarații EKAER

About eTDS Application – EKAER Statements

With the eTDS EKAER package we have made it simple for you to get your EKAER number, to the point where it only takes a simple push of a button.

The purpose of this is so that your dispatchers don’t have to waste time filling out forms to get these numbers.

Since January 1, 2015, Hungary has implemented a system that minimizes the possibility of VAT fraud. For the transport of goods on public roads with any vehicle, it is necessary to apply for an EKAER number.

Each number will be valid for 15 days, and those who organize and execute the transit (including you) must have it and present it to any checks carried out by the authorities along the way.

When you finish filling in the information for the race, you just need to press a button and you get the EKAER number and then the CMR ready filled with all the information.

The benefits of this module:

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Frequently encountered problems

Do you waste a lot of time filling in forms for generating EKAER numbers?


Benefits obtained

Simplified process of obtaining the EKAER number and generating the CMR
Save time and avoid stress with filling out information
Avoiding fines

Compatible with other modules:

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